Glass and steel corporate headquarters rise above and yet blend with tree-shrouded residential neighborhoods that climb into the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountain range. This is the backdrop for living and working in Cupertino, home to both the Intero Corporate Office and of course Apple!

The city’s renown far surpasses its moderate size of approximately 54,000 residents. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Cupertino is known as the city with excellent public schools.

Quality schools and closeness to high-tech jobs make Cupertino a desirable Silicon Valley address for a highly educated and culturally diverse population. More than 60 percent of residents aged 25 years or older hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. More than 40 percent of residents were born outside of the United States.

Education, innovation, and collaboration are the hallmarks nourished by the city government, the community, and local industry. Even the configuration of the Civic Center complex underscores that theme: City Hall and the Cupertino Library flank the Cupertino Community Hall. The community hall houses the city council chambers and accommodates public and private events. The library, part of the award-winning Santa Clara County Library system, occupies a state-of-the-art two-story, 54,000-square-foot building that was opened in 2004.

Helping to guide the city’s continued development and quality of life are a dozen commissions, including, Planning, Fine Arts, Technology Information & Communication, Parks & Recreation, Housing, Teen, Library, Bicycle and Pedestrian, and Public Safety.

Cupertino’s lush social tapestry includes a range of parades and festivals, such as Diwali, Cherry Blossom Festival, Moon Festival, and Tournament of Bands.

Public Service Providers​

Police Services
Santa Clara County Sheriff
Non-emergency: (408) 777-3177

Fire Protection
SCC Fire Department
Non-emergency: (800) 800-1793

Garbage, Recyclables and Green Waste
Los Altos Garbage Company
(650) 961-8040

Library Services
Cupertino Library
(408) 446-1677

San Jose Water Company
(408) 279-7900